Meet Kalula

Kalula stems from the Zulu word "Khulula" - meaning Liberate

It forms the backbone of a brand committed to freeing the female form from the limitations of a flimsy bikini

Instead, Kalula clothes her in strength, empowerment and ability.

Kalula is an empowering brand for the busty, busy female who refuses to sit still, dreams of achieving her full potential and will dare to do it all in a bikini.

Our Mission, Our Purpose, Our Vision

Our Mission

Kalula's mission is to liberate, support and transform how full busted women look and feel in swimwear.

Our Purpose

Kalula's purpose is to liberate busty women and inspire limitless, active lives through signature and supportive swimwear. 
Kalula want's to see you at your finest.
...Not just surviving, but thriving
That's why Kalula Swimwear is creating "D+ swimwear, designed to be worn all day and liberate women who struggle to find supportive, signature swimwear."

Our Vision

Kalula's vision is to create swimwear that inspires and improves the lives of busty women from sun up to sun down and through all activities; without compromising on style.